Miller Expedited Freight, Inc.


Miller Expedited Freight was founded in 1998 by Louie and Joann Miller. Louie started out in a 6 pallet cube truck. As their company grew Louie and Joann reinvested their profits into growing Miller Expedited Freight to company it is today.

Today Miller Expedited Freight is a rapidly growing expediter moving freight over the roads and through the air. In 2004 Miller Expedited Freight expanded into the air freight business and has consistently surpassed customer expectations with their ability to deliver on time across the US and Canada. We look forward to serving you our customer.

In 2007, Louie and Joann retired from Miller Expedited Freight.  Since then their Son in Law, Rob Fair, and Son, Andrew Miller, have been growing the company while keeping the family atmosphere.


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